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April, 2009

Critique of “The End of Philosophy”

A column titled “The End of Philosophy,” by David Brooks appeared originally in the New York Times, and was reprinted on April 11 on the editorial page (A-15) of the Austin American-Statesman Newspaper, in Texas. Here are my comments on that piece: The title is valid only if we imagine that philosophy requires a discussion […]

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Adding Photos to Blog

My son David is helping me learn how to add photos to my blog. The learning continues. Here is a picture of the area around Beijing, China, where, in preparation for the 2008 Olympics, they did amazing gardens and topiary. For example: Okay, viewed it. Now will add another picture: Very fast photography of a […]

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Gimme Gimme

(Give me, give me; buy my this, get my that.) Our Sun City community association just had a vendor faire and I went and saw what they had, partly out of a sense of community cooperation. It was a trying experience, passing through rows of salespeople wanting my attention, wanting me to sign up for […]

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We need to get out of Afghanistan, because its prevalent culture is essentially corrupt and our efforts to change it only result in our pouring money into the pockets of local politicians—who then give kickbacks to opium-growing warlords. Related to this, we should legalize drugs—including opium products such as heroin—and re-channel funds away from trying […]

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Who “Has” What? The Relationship of Self and Soul

Do I have a soul, or does my soul have me? The word “have” and the notion of possession may be misleading.  When you were a young child you learned about what it means to have something by associating it with simple concepts: “I have my toy, I give it away, I don’t have it […]

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