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Speculations of Trans-Dimensionality

Originally posted on October 22, 2015

I think we live on the surface of a multi-dimensional being-process. That is to say, we are the skin of at least one facet of God, and we are needed as much as our body needs a skin! These deeper dimensions are hinted at by our dreams, which reach into higher dimensions. They partake of vivid symbols that “seem so real”—they have “verisimilitude”—while we dream.

So we too create dream-like myths built on interpretations of phenomena, the interpretations being imposed by expectations. To call these perceptions “illusory” would be sometimes true, but mostly not—or better, that all interpretations are to some degree illusory. Thus paradigm shifts change the nature of what we think is out there.

Note that a concept such as the world being round or the reality of germs may be around for decades or even centuries before many or most people come to agree.

While I suspect that the best scientists humanity generate (I was tempted to say “we,” but, hey…) may indeed make further and further inroads, the “secrets” of nature will remain beyond us because puny-human-brain cannot rationally appreciate the profundities of trans-dimensional space-time that underlies the 3-D + Time nature of our universe.

Which is a pretty far-out thing to say. I cannot affirm it, I merely speculate. “Too much science fiction as a lad,” some might say—and perhaps they’re right.

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