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Originally posted on January 17, 2014

Little known (because I just made it up) are the auxiliary selves, the adjunctive resonant energy forces that support the major unfolding of the psyche.


These, too, are part of the experience of the “self,” though never acknowledged, unconscious, because, like invisible germs, they are hardly perceptible to the ordinary senses. One must cultivate not only a subtle sense, but a fey one, a capacity to imagine-sense that which helps us be all we are—which in actually is ten times more than we know we are. My message here is to dare to imagine that indeed you are much more than you are, that you’re surrounded with supporting systems, angels as well as bacteria. (Google the “microbiome” and get a load of what has been revealed by recent discoveries, how germs help you be most fully your healthy self).

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