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Inter-Dimensional Directions

Originally posted on August 1, 2013

If you remember, Zordak is my little flying-saucer lil’ green man archetypal character who figuratively lands in my back yard for a visit. (Dante had the ancient Roman poet, Virgil, as his guide to Inferno. I have Zordak.) Why the lot behind my home? I don’t know. Maybe he also empties what passes for his toilet. Lots he doesn’t tell me; and lots even if he did tell me I wouldn’t understand. But we try.

I asked him how he gets around, space being so big, and inter-dimensional “space” seems even vaster. He tried to show me a map which I reproduce below:


The directions are, to say the least, ambiguous. Zordak kindly explained that: (1) at the top is the potential for enlightenment in everything, if one contemplates deeply enough. (2) the sperm-like tadpole-like guys represent living functionaries, angels and assistant angels. (3) The rattlesnake may be drowsy and mistakenly stepped on, so beware. Some wrong turns are like that. (4) the many arrowed possibilities represent various directional potentials, some of which branch (yes, but…); some swirl in vortices (whoa!). There is the reversed flower-breast of illusory stasis. Ahhh.  Near the top one can go through the ring or reverse one’s tactics. Occasionally productive.

Of course this doesn’t translate well, as our sensory receptors don’t pick up trans-dimensional resonances except occasionally in people who are considered “intuitives” and “psychics.” Even then these folks don’t really know what they are doing. Oh well, it’s hoped these columns will help.

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