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Fabulation 2

Originally posted on August 8, 2015

As you may have noticed, I dare to make up stuff. You can, too. (As a matter of fact, you do, all the time, but you don’t know it. It’s unconscious. Maybe with the tools I’m producing you can know it a little more, or at lest know about that.)

The fancy term for making up stuff and thinking it’s really real is “confabulation,” but technically that refers to when people believe the stuff they unconsciously make up. It’s related to another big word, which I forget, but it will come back to me. Ah yes, “verisimilitude!” It all seems so real! Dreams, that is, the events are compelling. They are seductive, as if to say, “Isn’t this enough for you? What do you want? It really seems real—verily, it seems—verisimilitude. Get it. It is really a word, though. It’s used in sentences such as: That stage magician’s illusions really seem to be, well, real. Verisimilitude!

Back to confabulation—when you know you’re making it up, I call it fabulation, for want of a better word. We’re just foolin’ around here.

Now, here’s an example of fabulation: Contemplating my morning dream—it seemed so real until I woke up—and it occurred to me that our 3-D world is just sort of the outer “skin” of a higher reality. We’ve been getting increasing evidence that we are fed into and enlivened by a 5-D or 6-D realm. That explains so much.

The “epiphanous delusion” is one where it "all comes together, somehow," a feature of paranoid schizophrenia. There’s an epiphany, an aha!-type feeling. On the other hand, if you can indeed link it to enough reality, then it’s not a delusion but a paradigm-shifting breakthrough. Then you’re called a genius. On the other hand, if you can’t pin down enough links, you’re considered crazy. I’m pretty sane most of the time, sane enough to know to say that my notion is just a passing fantasy.
But don’t you see? It’s obvious! (Said passionately and naively): Dream! The way they’re so alluring and rich: “Come be with us,” they seem to call. “Don’t wake up into the demands of reality. There’s gravity out there, waiting to suck you down. There’s "down"—not like here in the dream-realm!" Well, that’s today’s confabulation. [Postscript: Here’s a scary thought: What if that whole theory is right? Nah.]

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