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How the Mind Works

Originally posted on August 8, 2015

The mind, or as they say in a children’s song, “Der Honky-Donky-Doodle,” works in mysterious ways. At last (or as I am wont to say, alas) neruo-imaging has met neuro-imagining and resulted in a picture of the nerve bundle that connects right and left brain, the “corpus callosum,” as it is technically called. Below is a cross-section of the aforementioned nerve-structure, only  revealing what (in cross-section) is being passed back and forth as I contemplate the cosmos in all its multi-dimensionality.

08-06-2015 01;31;24PM

Note a slight vagueness around the outside. This is not a fault of the neuro-imagining. Things at times in truth become vague. Other structures are symbolic. They represent whole Gestalts of notions and images, many of which cannot be adequately verbalized, or even at all. Many, you will notice, seem to be in discrete “packets” bounded by, well, “boundaries.” These are thoughts. Quite a few are subconscious, some unconscious, some conscious. The one at five-thirty (if this were to be imagined as a clock face), the one in from the edge has many squiggily little projections, is what it seems to be. There are indeed thoughts with sguiggily projections into other thoughts. Some of the little dots and squiggles are projections sent forward or back from other thoughts. Our thoughts inter-mix, you know. No way are they distinct.

I will explain more about cross-sections and their limitations tomorrow. It is not easy to provide functional, holographic, diagrammatic representations. It takes a bit of imagination and more than a squinch of wackiness, but not too much.

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