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Expanded Identity (Beyond Reality)

Originally posted on March 20, 2018

One of my many facets is not entirely human; really more elfin. One might phrase it as Adam is coming out of the closet as an elf—or at least partly an elf. There’s another part of me that goes by the name of Herb, who is a bit slow and socially impaired. Most of me is just this guy.

But the elf-part “dances” dimensionally, trying to foster imaginativeness and spontaneity, as well as creativity, exuberance, love, faith, responsibility, playfulness, and enjoyment. I feel people need this and perhaps I was “sent” here for this reason.

My background involves activities that have prepared me for this mission. To understand human-ity, I became a scholar, a student of comparative religion, a singer, a dancer, a cartoonist, a romantic, a parent, a physician, a psychiatrist, and many other roles. Bringing them together, I find I have the skills that can help people discover and experience meaning. I can help them begin to philosophize and to weave in the leavening of play and imagination. My words and cartoons on my blog further this goal. As far as being an elf: One must step out of role—waaay out—to comment on human existence.

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