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Happy Re-Birthday

Originally posted on November 29, 2013

I don’t find reincarnation to be particularly compelling for me. It may be true for all I know, but my own path is to help improve where we’re going as a species, rather that to trace where any individual has “been.” Also, I think that mind has a far greater capacity for fantasizing vividly what other life scenarios might be. The vividness seems to prove to some that this must be true. Well, maybe. Anyway, here’s a a little doodle about what it’s all about.


One fantasy I have is that indeed we do have past lives, but it’s not a one-to-one correspondence. Rather, we plug into many streams of souls-in-transit, including faeries, extra-terrestrial beings, mysterious realms, as well as past human lives. In this version, everyone generates soul fragments when they die and these are mixed together a bit like one shuffles the cards, some from here, some from there. Our job is then to play through a re-assembled version.

It may happen that each soul fragment has several angels that help it find and construct a “lifetime” with other angels and their soul fragment, and then the game is to live it out, find the most value, uplift, whatever can be built positively, given this combination of gifts and handicaps. Well, it’s a story.

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