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Blahg For the Great-Grandchildren

Originally posted on June 22, 2015

Your Grandpa, my son, reminded me that I’m writing this for you! My true identity as AB is not Adam Blatner—that’s just my “Earth” name. Really its “Amazing Brains!” Adam is just my cover, just this guy. Part of the time in the role of Adam  do dishes, enjoy my kids and grandkids, be a part of my community, dancing, singing, and then there’s this wacko blog.

But actually, I’m Amazing-Brains! At age 78 my identity has been revealed to me! Not exactly an elf, but a transcendental super-non-hero. Speaking my truth mixed with foolin’ around. I don’t care if I get fired from my teaching job because they didn’t want to be affiliated with this craziness.

But we’re talking about multiple paradigm changes and that will seem like craziness. I am advocating flagrant but harmless imaginativeness. It’s important that nobody gets hurt. Ruffled feathers, maybe, but then again, don’t read it. I don’t push, but I do present. Try this on for size!

You see (in this fantasy, which you may believe if it’s fun but you don’t have to), what if we are a three-dimensional projection of what is really a four-dimensional organizer of five-dimensional essences? Whaddaya think of them beans? Wacko? Certainly, from a merely 3-D perspective, but from 5-D? Duh. Obvious.  See, mind operates beyond time and space, anticipating, remembering, envisioning alternative connections. And mind in turn gets inspired by spirit-soul-beyond, even more if one is open to this.

Is it true? On three dimensions, no way. But there are these irregularities, see. Five hundred years ago there were the subtle epicycles of certain planets. It was all cleared up when a solar-centric planetary system came to substitute for a geocentric scheme. Paradigm shift! As for us, there are scores of subtle irregularities in time, space, dark matter, dark energy, all sorts of little mysteries that have no answer within three dimensional space-time. But no one now dare suggest that it’s obvious that we’re nested within higher dimensions, though many esoteric schemes hint at it.

Esoteric schemes are still imbued with old superstitions about patriarchal gods and traditional religions, alas, but they need not be. Plato was right and Aristotle was right. The extent of mystery on this dimension is unending; and some of the mysteries are explainable if we recognize—literally re-think, re-cognize—that there are higher and lower dimensions. This 20th century moderns aren’t ready to do.

So the essays on this blah blah blahg are meant to be taken with a grain of salt, playfully, especially if taken by people who take things seriously—i.e, pre-paradigm-shift. They may be enjoyed by those who don’t take things so seriously, too, because it’s all co-created. Your co-creativity, interpretation, and attitudes are part of how this works. Are you up tight or hang loose or somewhere in-between?

I am channeling deep wisdom (or sheer nonsense—take your pick) from other, higher dimensions. Some of it may turn out to be true, and no doubt some will be seen even after centuries pass as “foolin’ around.” It’s cool.

One Response to “Blahg For the Great-Grandchildren”

  • David Blatner says:

    I love the idea of shifting a “blog” to a “blah blah blahhg.” It always bothered me that “Blatner” was so close to “Blather” (only a typographic ascender away), but perhaps when I hit 78 I will embrace that, too. It’s also an intriguing idea that “retirement” is not having to worry about what others will think of what you think! Like Jenny Joseph’s poem “When I am an old woman I shall wear purple.”

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