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Biochemistry Enlivened

Originally posted on July 24, 2013

I’m sorry to have to use the trope of “little men,” elves and fairies that look like little people, but that’s where humanity is. It’s hard to realize that at the micro-level, subtle astral forces facilitate events as much as the fairies help flowers to blossom or birds to find their mates. (Oh, yeah, just like angels help you find your perfect mate, there are cosmic forces of all “sizes” operating all the time!)


Anyway, describing situations in terms of biochemical transmutations just doesn’t communicate fully what’s going on! It’s juicy! Especially at the level just beyond our own. In fact, things don’t operate so much from a top-down manager-obedient worker model; it’s more systems-oriented, cybernetic, so there’s lots of feedback in all directions. It seems chaotic but that’s just from the outside. The action is closer to a good improv troupe of actors. 

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