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Originally posted on June 9, 2018

I became interested in fairies before they were featured in Tolkien’s Return of the King trilogy. In fact, my interpretation of these non-physical beings is that they appear in whatever form the audience imagines, as in the Christmas song, Some Children See Him Lily White.

In fact, faery beings appear as imagined through the filter of the imaginer. People of different countries or races envision holy beings, legendary beings, others, as only slightly different  from the audience. I fact, in their essence, non-physical being can assume many forms..In one sense, not really; in another sense, really.

Fairies are non-material beings from another dimension that we can learn to relate to much as indigenous peoples have learned to interact with exploring Europeans—-only “they” don’t want to exploit us nor we them. Rather, ‘they” seek a friendly exchange of culture and spiritual explorations!

I gave a lecture on fairies many years ago in our senior adult learning program, and finding a book titled ‘the Fairie Handbook by Carolyn Turgen with the editors of Fairie Magazine (who knew?!)—it’s a compendium of faeries lore, lavishly illustrated.

Unfortunately it perpetuates the Euro-centric perspectives, and all or most of the illustrations are of Caucasian youth and beauty—mainly 19th century—but this only underlines my point that the whole concept lies at the frontier of imagination and reality.

But what if there is really another dimension and being”there” is unrecognizable— so I’ll draw them, if you realize that they just point at something that is beyond the beyond. Other than that, they are entirely normal. Well, that’s all for now. I’m working on further explanations.

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