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Contemplating This Blog

Originally posted on July 7, 2015

As a contemplateur, an invented and affected name for one who enjoys thinking about stuff, I like to write on my blog, and entertain the vague fantasy that someone in the great somewhere will find these jottings amusing and perhaps a little thought-provoking. (Someone in the Great Somewhere is a phrase taken from the 1953 song, “I Believe.” But I don’t believe literally; I believe mythically!)

My guardian angel, Uncle Bud, is the one of the thirty of my team of guardian angels who can slow down and speak English—the equivalent of effective baby-talk for angel. Anyway, he’s been helping me as I’ve been opening to how much they (the guardian angel platoon) do and how little (relatively) the part of me that seems most familiar, the “I,” how little I do. I do a little, some, but much less than I thought at first. Maybe 8%. It was 18% a couple of years ago. When I was young it was like 95%. I look back and laugh.

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