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Faeries: Resonant Energy Fields

Originally posted on March 21, 2014

Faeries are not real in an ordinary materialist sense, but then again, neither is love. They are expressions of mind, and mind transcends a mere materialism-based metaphysical philosophy. You are really reading this, though all bets are off as to how you interpret it. More importantly, that leads to the realization that if you think about it, minds are very different, and mind is profoundly flexible. Indeed, I dare say that Freud didn’t recognize a tenth of what mind is. It projects, it draws upon the unconscious, and the unconscious mind is deep, multi-leveled, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional.

People have no awareness of how big and full mind can be because, well, it’s like astronomy. There was a time before telescopes that the night was full of stars, but nobody thought there were stars beyond those that we could see—stars and even whole galaxies, and far more of them than the number that we could see. There was a time when we noticed fleas, but nobody thought that there were realms far tinier than fleas. And now, though we know of previously invisible worlds opening up bigger and smaller, it is hard to imagine realms that we’ve never directly perceived before, but more and more of them are becoming apparent through a wide variety of receivers, telescopes, high-speed cameras, and so forth.

The idea that there are subtle energy fields that we can’t yet detect may be mistaken, but maybe not. Faeries are anthropomorphized (humanoid-appearing) resonant energy fields that operate sort of like guardian angels, but on a smaller, more local scale. Just as there are spectrums of living beings at every size from the tiniest viruses or bacteria to the largest aggregate plants and animals—e.g., ant-colonies that merge for hundreds of square miles, fungus networks under the earth again covering hundreds of square miles—whales are puny by comparison—so also are there spectrums of tiny sprites and larger ones, half-angels and archangels, and so on.

The usefulness of this notion is that it adds a dimension or several to what we perceive in material form as “life.” It infuses life, gives it directionality, purpose, it makes life “teleological.” Note that the realm of faerie is no more like what we see—little people dancing around—than stained bacteria on a slide represent the reality of those organisms’ existence!

This is just a tippy toe into the realm of whatever it is that supports us in our living. This is just a tiny nudge to get your attention. What if these words are not nonsense? What if these words are right in ways that are not exactly what I’ve said, but, yes, essentially? Wow!

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