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Zordak’s Journal

Welcome! This is a listing of entries in Zordak's journal. These words were (more or less) channeled through Adam (or at least the multi-dimensional interferrence patterns that manifest in this reality as Adam).



It’s hard to express what gizmoids do. The word is a combination, a portmanteau, of “gizmo” and the suffix “-oid”—which means “-like.” A gizmo is a mechanical device or part whose name is forgotten or unknown; a gadget. However, being transdimensional, their function and essential nature is more elusive—hence the “-oid” suffix. Represented here in […]

Hallowe’en Thoughts

When did scarey become cute? The many pressures of commercialization, mixed with the candy and snack industry, the greeting card and costume industries, the specialty Halloween shops and the many Goodwill and other charity stores, commercial Haunted Houses, scary movies, and much more all contribute to the mass celebration of what really is the “shadow” […]

Higher Consciousness (More?)

Mind is both rational and non-rational; it is multi-dimensional and although part of it does logic, the wider processes of mind cannot be explained in terms of any linear approach to logical connections. It includes the shape-shifting nature of language, and play, along with related paradoxical actions and experiences. These are abundant in humor and […]

Higher Consciousness as ETs

Considering extra-terrestrials, E-Ts. What if they’re really nice? There have been many movies that represent sentient beings from other planets as hostile and powerful, from The War of the Worlds on. But what if in fact extra-terrestrials do exist, and they definitely do not want to conquer you or eat you? What if that notion […]

Holiday Greetings from Another World

My flying-saucer-little-green-man friend — "Zordak" by name— sent this in response to my trying to explain to him our Holiday season. “He” (actually, gender in his world is not so easily characterized, but we’ll use that pronoun rather than go into it) wanted to share in the spirit, and he sent this little message: Actually, […]

How It Looks from Here

Zordak speaking: So here’s the deal. Pretend that when you talk this way you don’t mean it, you’re just foolin’ around. Okay. So somewhere on the order of 24,000 sprite-souls have been incarnated onto your planet because Earth-people really need them. The species has become caught up in illusion. We’ve been sending liberatory sprite-souls for […]

Importuning the Great Mystery

To importune means to ask (someone) pressingly and persistently for or to do something. Other becomings (a better word than beings as all is in flux) elsewhere in the multi-verse do this too. However we are, there are riddles. Huston Smith, the scholar of comparative religions, defines the words tellingly: A puzzle requires a knack, […]

Inspiration (?)

I have been inspired, but what and from/by what I do not know. The following text came through my hand: Then, as if that were not enough, a “P.S.”: From what I can gather (?), or perhaps deduce (because certainly I cannot read these ? words or hieroglyphs, the clue is the choo-choo train engine […]

Inter-Dimensional ? Humor

Joke Zordak tried to tell me: Two whatchymacallits are talking with a third whatchymabigger… and one says… well, it loses so much in translation.. Okay, okay, I’ll try… one says, which way would infinity go if the possibilites were opened another dimension? And the big-guy says, ho ho, which dimension do you mean, the other […]

Inter-Dimensional Directions

If you remember, Zordak is my little flying-saucer lil’ green man archetypal character who figuratively lands in my back yard for a visit. (Dante had the ancient Roman poet, Virgil, as his guide to Inferno. I have Zordak.) Why the lot behind my home? I don’t know. Maybe he also empties what passes for his […]

Lubricating “Grace”

Now there’s been some talk about how I doodle and make things up. I admit to this, but the process is more subtle and complex than it seems. To dismiss it as “just imagination” is as shallow as dismissing, well, imagination, as “just” imagination. What’s this “just” stuff? As if we are entitled to make […]

Mandala Cooker

My mandalas are by no means perfectly symmetrical and might better be called differentiated mandalaforms or something like that. They give the impression of symmetry but a little inspection reveals disorder amidst the apparent order. This is because that’s the way it really is in the cosmos: There are “layers” of disorder interspersed with “layers” […]

Martian-Mayan Joke

Zordak sent this along to me—a “Martian-Mayan” joke. This has little to do with the present-day Mayan people who live in Central America, although the art of the ancient Mayan civilization was probably influenced by some visitor or tutelary spirits who inspired key artists early on. Technically, this isn’t about Martians, either, but that’s become […]


Zordak, my little green man in a flying saucer who visits me— you don’t have to believe this—said to me, “You keep noodging me to explain and I can’t explain in human terms. So I made this diagram:” You understand, this involves multiple dimensions converging, among many other meanings. If you relax your mind you […]

Metaphors for Divinity

Zordak: You were wondering about how other beings in other parts of this or related universes think about God. You might anticipate that there are innumerable versions. I admit, though, that the notion of God being sort of like an earthly king sitting on a throne issuing commandments as such people did during only a […]

Mind-Spectrums Picture

The problem with mind-spectrums is that they involve different sorts of things, receptive sense organs, intuitive “organs,” temperamental sensitivities, interpretative biases (which follow worldviews), frames of reference, etc. There are tendencies to imagine as distinctly different things that which is the same thing (at least as resonating to one part of one kind of spectrum), […]


Imagine first a proton, the tiniest of eensy-beensy almost nothing; then imagine that enough of these put together end up building the most humungous, inconceivably big bright star—a thousand times bigger and brighter than our own sun. I know, the human imagination stretches even to imagine the sun’s brightness, much less closer-up or a brighter […]

Mister Pixie

I’m sort of a generic pixie, not particularly devoted to any specific task, just generally promoting the mood, you know? (No, I didn’t know.) Well, here in this parallel dimension, there are many who are more into, like, helping blossomings happen, or saving lost bird-babies. You know—your species has started to open to the world […]

My Spiritual Myth

The first statement is that I don’t know; and my best guess is that I will never know. Nore, to take it a step further, do I think that any human mind can really grasp what it’s all about. This active abdication from the arrogance of trying to name or know “the Everything” goes by […]

On Critical Thinking

I suspect that many people who went to college and got exposed a little to critical thinking have not as yet learned what a radical bunch of ideas it involves, and how it applies to almost everything:   – what the relationships between men and women should be about   – how to parent or […]

One of Adam Blatner’s Brain Cells

Zordak visited recently and I asked him about those, "you know, probes?" and he said, oh, yeah, so? I said, "well, did you ever, you know, ‘probe’ me?’ and he goes, "Not necessary. You sort of let it hang out.” ‘n I said, "what’s it feel like?" n he said, “Depends on who’s doing it. […]

Playfulness Included

I realized after reading that previous post that supported the spirit of intellectual rigor and critical thinking that readers might perceive my wife and me as being serious thinkers. We are, indeed, and that is part of our spirituality as well as our lives. We talk about all manner of things with great seriousness—but that’s […]

Pondering the Cosmos

So the Cosmos says to me, Hey, Adam, thanks for pondering me. Says I, “Well, ol’ Cosmos, sir, your cosmos-ness—by the way, what is the proper term of respectful address?— I have not yet come to many conclusions. Cosmos: Don’t worry about it, just call me Cosmos. First name basis, kid, that’s us.  So what […]

Proto-Mayanoid Higher Math Problem

My friend Zordak, the inter-dimensional flying-saucer lil’ green alien, showed me this: His explanation is that the Proto-Mayans do indeed do a complex equivalent of higher mathematics, with equations-like problems. The Proto-Mayans were a group of higher dimensional beings, sort of a star-trek gang, who visited the emerging cultures of Central America about 3000 years […]

Protozoal Elves

I imagine that all life is suffused with alternative reality levels that give it energy. People aren’t the only beings with “auras,” and auras are the extensions into other dimensions of existence. It might be better to say that what we take to be “us” or “stuff” is actually also an extension into 3-Dimensional space […]