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Mister Pixie

Originally posted on March 28, 2012

I’m sort of a generic pixie, not particularly devoted to any specific task, just generally promoting the mood, you know? (No, I didn’t know.) Well, here in this parallel dimension, there are many who are more into, like, helping blossomings happen, or saving lost bird-babies. You know—your species has started to open to the world of faerie more. I mean, of course there is the problem of Disney-fication, but in many ways that captures the actual spirit of co-facilitation. misterpixie312

Co-facilitation is a dynamic process that supports life. Certain aspects of life are accounted for by your theories of physiology and anatomy and biochemistry, but your science still has no way for accounting for some of the more obvious mysteries, such as what you call “the will to live,” etc. You know, why some folks curl up and die and others keep on going, and it doesn’t correlate perfectly with extent of observable pathology. Well, that life force variable—which, depending on circumstances, accounts for between 15 – 60% of the outcome—well, that’s our doing—“our” being used in the largest possible way to include all folks on the “other side”—angels, tutelary spirits, shamanic totem animals, whatever you resonate with—or not.

We help, that’s the point. Opening to us, or to whatever “other-ness” factors—whatever your religions or beliefs may be—can add something. We can’t do it for you, by any means, but sometimes when the energy is constellated in the right way, your resonance with us can make a difference. I’m sort of a generalist, offering some rah-rah here, a bit of sweet appreciativeness there, just sort of walking-around sprite. There are as many of us as there are different kinds of you.  Well, Zordak says that’s enough lest your minds start going fizz. See ya.

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