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One of Adam Blatner’s Brain Cells

Originally posted on March 26, 2012

Zordak visited recently and I asked him about those, "you know, probes?" and he said, oh, yeah, so? I said, "well, did you ever, you know, ‘probe’ me?’ and he goes, "Not necessary. You sort of let it hang out.”
‘n I said, "what’s it feel like?" n he said, “Depends on who’s doing it. I can do it quite well, no pain, you wouldn’t even know it. blatnerbraincell"
I said, "Really? What can you find out?"
Z: I think we know what we’d find.
A. What? 
Z. How’s about I probe just one of your 10 billion brain cells? 
A: Will it hurt it?
Z: Naw, it’s just sort of like taking a picture with a cell-phone, only we work from above the physical plane, so seeing inside stuff is no problem.
A. well, I’d like to see, actually.
Z. No sooner said than done. Zap. Voila. One cell. Whoa! Well, I’m not surprised, entirely.
A. Let’s see. Hmmm. I guess I’m not surprised either. But it’s not something most people see, the contents of a brain cell.
Z: Well, this is just a lil’ storage cell, not the generator. The generator or transmitter is trans-brain. But still…
A. Could I send this to my friends?
Z. If you think they’ll still be your friends after they see it.
A. Well, it’s not the whole of my personality.
Z. Not at all, just one cell, a sort of momentary cross-section.
A. It’s more full than I expected.
Z. Did you ever see the electron-microscope of the inside of a cell?
A. Yeah, those cells are chock-full of stuff.
Z. Well, same with images. Well, I must be off, Tee-time on the 4th Satellite of Zyzzyx.
A: Hi out there, so here ’tis. One cell.

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