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Martian-Mayan Joke

Originally posted on March 28, 2012

Zordak sent this along to me—a “Martian-Mayan” joke. This has little to do with the present-day Mayan people who live in Central America, although the art of the ancient Mayan civilization was probably influenced by some visitor or tutelary spirits who inspired key artists early on. Technically, this isn’t about Martians, either, but that’s become a kind of code word for extra-terrestrial—or something alien, or (in this case) trans-dimensional. There are of course problems of translation, because many of the elements don’t have precise equivalents on our planet. But allowing for this, let’s see if you can get it:mayanjoke312
     Three guys walk into a bar. Well, four if you count the mascot, Kan. He’s sort of—what would be the equivalent—Akbal’s little brother. So, Imix asks the bartender—that’s Chic-chan, over there, what are these other guys doing at “our” bar?. The other guys just keep… I guess in Human language one might say, ah, sipping their beers. So then Ik speaks up and says, “Have you ever done the ritual of spilling blood?” And the visitors (from another dimension, yet one more over beyond where the Martian-Mayans hang out) give him the eye, like, “You talking to me?” Well first thing you know there’s a sort of friendly brawl with everyone at the bar breaking chairs and throwing things—but it’s all Hollywood props so no one really gets hurt—and then Chic-chan, a real character, says something else— it was really funny, but I forgot the punch line… I think. 
      I said, “Zordak, that is sooo LAME!” “He goes, “So much was lost in translation… you just had to be there, you know?”

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