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Mandala Cooker

Originally posted on July 12, 2013

My mandalas are by no means perfectly symmetrical and might better be called differentiated mandalaforms or something like that. They give the impression of symmetry but a little inspection reveals disorder amidst the apparent order. This is because that’s the way it really is in the cosmos: There are “layers” of disorder interspersed with “layers” of order. These layers have fuzzy boundaries. Sharp boundaries seem to occur at the level of solids, but much of the earth is gas (atmosphere) and sea (water) and the boundaries between seeming layers are blurry, with a fair amount of mixing among the edges of the various zones.

Nor are any two waves, or seashore boundaries, or even seashell patterns or makeup of grains of sand exactly alike, because atoms are so small and there are so many impurities that structures are never the same at a level of 234, 567 atom bundles. There’s always some impurity that makes the configuration a little different.

Anyway, as we form the cosmos, it’s a process that partakes of a bit of something that is exudation, sweating, descent of manifestation, blossoming…well, words are created by human minds to refer to processes perceived by a number of people and they just don’t suffice to capture the way trans-dimensional processes are, well, processed.


Baking? Okay, so this is an oven of sorts and the cosmos is being transformed from mushy stuff to sufficient firmness to approximate something more like a cake.

I mean, come on, you go through this every morning when you wake up!

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