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Proto-Mayanoid Higher Math Problem

Originally posted on June 17, 2012

My friend Zordak, the inter-dimensional flying-saucer lil’ green alien, showed me this:


His explanation is that the Proto-Mayans do indeed do a complex equivalent of higher mathematics, with equations-like problems. The Proto-Mayans were a group of higher dimensional beings, sort of a star-trek gang, who visited the emerging cultures of Central America about 3000 years ago and kick-started their cultural flowering. There’s a whole hidden history here. Yes, it’s happened several times in the history of this planet, from the thickening of cognition around 70,000 years ago to other little jumps. They don’t want to rule or exploit us, but at times earth-beings get bogged down a bit and need some fresh “seeding.” Indeed, Zordak senses that fostering our imaginativeness may be a preliminary to yet another “seeding.”

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