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Protozoal Elves

Originally posted on July 23, 2013

I imagine that all life is suffused with alternative reality levels that give it energy. People aren’t the only beings with “auras,” and auras are the extensions into other dimensions of existence. It might be better to say that what we take to be “us” or “stuff” is actually also an extension into 3-Dimensional space plus time of an “implicate order” (as David Bohm might call it) of what most folks don’t recognize as existing—i.e., the “spiritual realm.” (That realm is hardly what most folks imagine it to be, but it is a bit, because we co-create it.)

Atoms, one-celled animals, flowers, trees, whole meadows, regions, all have their own facilitating spiritual agents. I won’t say “guiding” because that implies that it comes from top down, and even my writing this in part comes from outside in, from the fingers as much as the brain. So, too, your life is truly (partially) lived “your way,” created by you, but not entirely. So, too, my fingers dance on the keyboard, inspired by thoughts from other realms, guided also by heart, shoulder, arm, hand, fingers, but also extensions, keyboard, computer, screen, feedback, and within all these, complexities abound, most of which I don’t understand.

You don’t have to understand it to dance it. Life evolved and from that, and as part of that, consciousness, and then reflective consciousness, and you are now the flower that looks around and sees and enjoys. In part, that re-cognition is an aesthetic experience for and—by extension—“by” God. Amazing, but True. I think.

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