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Originally posted on January 9, 2012

Zordak speaking: So here’s the deal. Pretend that when you talk this way you don’t mean it, you’re just foolin’ around. Okay. So somewhere on the order of 24,000 sprite-souls have been incarnated onto your planet because Earth-people really need them. The species has become caught up in illusion. We’ve been sending liberatory sprite-souls for thousands of years. Most are ignored. Some are thought mad. A few are thought to be prophets, some even idolized (literally). It depends on how it is played.

The world (humanity) takes itself seriously. It’s hard to explain this, and it’s not always true. Kids are molded by culture to go along with adults—originally they are not stuck in seriousness. They go through phases of deep feelings but if they’re not overloaded or confirmed, those feelings pass.

The sprite-souls have worked to loosen things up. It’s not as it appears. This message has been packaged in many ways. It begins to filter onto serious people a little, but then they talk about it from a serious standpoint, which kinda messes it up. There have been a few sprite-souls who have even gotten into the game of academic philosophy, but very few have stayed or survived. If they would say out loud that the true principle of metaphysics is that there is a meta to physics, a realm beyond the material, the implications tend to be interpreted in less-than-fully imaginative ways. If you tell a conference room of academic philosophers that the essence involves not being serious, you more than likely would be met with a stony reception. One time one of our clown-prophets made it to the point of presenting this and one other person in the room cracked up laughing. “Of course, it’s such a relief to hear you say that! I thought I might be the only one, maybe I was crazy!” Alas, neither of them got much further in their graduate studies.

The number of clown souls are increasing, the meme is catching on. Lighten up! The full meaning of this is at yet hardly appreciated. Part of the problem is that people think words really mean things and that strings of words have to have logical coherence. That is so to a point, but beyond that point we get poetry. The trouble is that many poets are as serious as the scientists or philosophers. Poetry that has the right spirit—at least our species’ poetry—or songs, or dances, or stories, has a bit more of the child-like mixture of wonder and loveliness.

There is a realm beyond seriousness that is darker, not nice, a bit insane. But people confuse the lighthearted very nice non-rationality with that, because it’s non-rational. Big mistake. One of your philosophers has sort of got it—Ken Wilber—who is not himself a sprite-elf. But he does note the difference between trans-rational and pre-rational thinking. It’s a beginning. This point, though, also explains why most folks are wary of the playful.

The positive implications of what we are supposed to bring, we sprite-soul-people, is to raise consciousness so that people don’t get so caught in their illusions, and to empower people to dare to imagine and co-create nice relationships, nice thoughts, happy feelings. There is lots of “reality” that can be misinterpreted—“death” being one of the more commonly misinterpreted phenomena. Very booga booga scarey and bad. The discussion as to why people have come to fear death could fill many books just with rational analyses. The real reason to loosen up is that we’re all parts of a Divine becoming so no sweat.

Yeah, sure, put this on Zordak’s blog. No one will believe you. Catch ya later.

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