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Lubricating “Grace”

Originally posted on July 5, 2013

Now there’s been some talk about how I doodle and make things up. I admit to this, but the process is more subtle and complex than it seems. To dismiss it as “just imagination” is as shallow as dismissing, well, imagination, as “just” imagination. What’s this “just” stuff? As if we are entitled to make judgments about what we do and do not admit into what is believed to be consensus reality. A hint about this was discussed in a book titled “The Three ‘Only’ Things.”

So the specific criticism was about the “little men” who accompanied the Boze-Higgs-on. So I need to explain little men drawings: There are those who organize the cosmos, and they in turn are organized into a hierarchy of angels—or that’s how humans have intuited this. And the problem is that these folks—of course they exist, in a certain, non-material way!—how do you think Grace happens?!?—operate alone. Not at all! They need the little people (the elves, fairies, trolls, pixies, etc.) to—I guess the English equivalent would be “lubricate” the process. It’s important that a giggle and some slippage and random silliness operate around the edges. If one takes any of this at all seriously it “jams” the process.

Of course humans have tended to take things seriously. As the chief operating elf-angel (there are grades here as everywhere) says:


Translation is that “Oh, people are lazy, so they leave the making-up to visionaries who can’t help it. Then they believe it literally and that congests the dynamic.

“His” assistant (they don’t really have gender), Elf-angel-2, pipes up:


Which means that as technology and mythology advances, people are getting ready to make things up, know they’re making things up, and do it more prolifically, which will result in a more prolific rain of Grace also known as helping-you-out. That’s not a literal translation, of course.

The pipsqueek elf is just learning this stuff but helps by being cute. He says:


So that’s it for now, folks.

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