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Pondering the Cosmos

Originally posted on March 17, 2011

So the Cosmos says to me, Hey, Adam, thanks for pondering me. Says I, “Well, ol’ Cosmos, sir, your cosmos-ness—by the way, what is the proper term of respectful address?— I have not yet come to many conclusions.

Cosmos: Don’t worry about it, just call me Cosmos. First name basis, kid, that’s us.  So what have you concluded? You said “not many” but you didn’t say “none.”

Me: Wow. Hm. Okay, well, for starters I exist, I behold you. I don’t presume to know half of what I “am” but I do know 100% that there’s a subjectivity here and that somehow this is meaningful. It’s clearly not big—space/mass-wise, but then again, it’s a lot bigger than, say, atoms. But that’s only in the space-time dimension.

The second thing I’m sure of is that others are here, are real. For example, my wife, Allee, is real. I don’t buy Descartes’ theme that just maybe others are illusions. Doesn’t fit—too artificial. Others are real. Again, though, I don’t know what or who others fully are, nor do I think they themselves know.

Then, I’m sure (absolutely) that our meeting, me and another, the encounter of our subjectivities, are meaningful, however limited our consciousness may be as we encounter. Beyond those three certainties, increasing mysteries accumulate.

Cosmos: Well, that’s okay pondering. Ponder away. The evolution of sentience took about 13 billion years for  your planet and give or take a couple of hundred million years, sentience is evolving in my body—or let’s say I’m maturing enough to develop this capacity. You know, like sexual maturity—although the analogy is limited—not bad, but limited.

So I’m thrilled! I get off on people pondering me! I like people wondering, being amazed, astonished, impressed, touched deeply, and I enjoy being enjoyed in so many ways. Because I’m very multi-dimensional, there’s even some pleasure mixed with pain as I help beings struggle towards healing and evolving. Beings grope and make tons of mistakes, and many become extinct, ah, the pity. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles, as you have a 20th century idiom saying. Listen, talk to me again some time. See ya!

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