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Holiday Greetings from Another World

Originally posted on December 7, 2011

zordaksgreeting My flying-saucer-little-green-man friend — "Zordak" by name— sent this in response to my trying to explain to him our Holiday season. “He” (actually, gender in his world is not so easily characterized, but we’ll use that pronoun rather than go into it) wanted to share in the spirit, and he sent this little message: Actually, this message is only a two-dimensional projection of a 5-dimensional whatever-it-is, but one does what one can. He marveled: "Who would’ve thought just a few eons ago that hooman beans would learn to email pictures?"

It’s hard to translate his holiday good wishes  because they don’t have the same "content" regarding our mythology of the Christmas / Hanukah / Winter Solstice / Kwanzaa etc. holidays. But they do have the spirit of wishing to reach out joyfully to make connection and greeting you, sending you positive energy. Really, if you read this picture carefully with your intuitive third-eye in your subtle body’s auric field—that’s sort of between your eyebrows and up about 1/3 of an inch— you will sense the closest translation: A twinkle of my eyes may evoke a twinkle of your eyes which will intensify the twinkle in both our eyes as it vibrates. Something like that, but really in a trans-dimensional non-language, translated, it sort of says: “Thank you for putting a twinkle in my eye so together we may vibrate and help others to twinkle during this time of year.”

A friend wrote to me: “You truly are a leprechaun or a fairy, you just don’t know it.” I responded, “Of course I know it. But I’m only 12.8% an elfairy, and other parts are all-too-human. What makes me a little special is that I’ve learned to tune into that part, which opens me to the transdimensional realm wherein operate the other elf-fairy-sprites and related beings.

It turns out that 73.6% of people have between 3 – 24% elf-fairy-sprite type of spirit in their souls. I know a few who are clearly over 20%—they’re more playful and twinkle and are more intuitive. Alas, in our own world, those with over 34% don’t know how to channel this ambiguous inter-dimensionality and tend to be diagnosed as mentally ill. Our psychiatric experts don’t yet know how to treat them, either—the proper understandings haven’t yet become part of our knowledge base. It may be like the mystery of infection 400 years ago before folks knew there were such things as germs. Ah, well. But this rambling is off the topic, which was to wish you a very happy Holiday Season and the Start of what is to you a “New Year.”

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