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My Spiritual Myth

Originally posted on September 27, 2014

The first statement is that I don’t know; and my best guess is that I will never know. Nore, to take it a step further, do I think that any human mind can really grasp what it’s all about. This active abdication from the arrogance of trying to name or know “the Everything” goes by the word, “apophatic.”

Another way to say this is that the highest mystics I suspect get shadowy glimpses! (Exodus, 33: 18-23), and we can get slight glimpses too, if we opened to the idea of glimpse-getting. A friend of mine, a Rabbi, said one cannot see the “Face of God” because Awareness itself is that Face, and everything we know, feel, experience, think, or perceive is an object of that Awareness. We cannot see the “Face” because It is looking through us. But we can see the “backside,” the consequences of that outpouring of Awareness. And it is wondrous.

Anyway, building on the good Rabbi’s comments, I dare speculate that the Becoming Everything (aka BE) is multi-dimensional, outpouring, but it requires the evolution of consciousness to focus and become an intentional co-creator. This is our job and it may take centuries yet for us to do this with any effectiveness. Our job at this point in history is to “Prepare ye the way of the Lord” (Mark 1:3).

My Own Contribution

I am blessed because I have some sense of what I can do to help: I have discovered a way to amplify our creative potential. Others have preceded me, it must be acknowledged, and others as saying something like this, but no others that I know of are talking about the broad applications of developing creatively collaborative group processes, synthesized with improvisational enactments, and fueled by imagination-utilizing techniques.

This synthesis has many aspects:
We use role dynamics as a user-friendly language for psycho-social development. Based on social role theory, role dynamics is a systematic way of applying these ideas.
Apply also sociometry (the method) and other ways of heightening the awareness of interpersonal and group dynamics—a field that’s full of scores if not hundreds of sub-dynamics.

Promote the art of group leadership that draws on social-depth-psychology principles, helping people to choose their teammates rather than having to work in groups that are assigned by superiors on some arbitrary criterion.

Promote the application of improvised drama and psychodramatic techniques in many areas beyond psychotherapy.

Promote imagination development, various ways of helping redeem their faith in themselves to dare to imagine, practice that skill. It’s one of the components of creativity.

Support the theoretical basis of all this.

Support group activities that involve dancing, singing, doing art together, warm-up or spontaneity drama games, and so forth—activities that allow for mistakes and group support for doing it better.

Practicing “cheerful-ing” whether the feeling is there to begin with or not. It’ll get there.
… etc.

Of course I do lots of other stuff that is also good stuff, more or less: I keep myself going and support my beautiful, intelligent wife; we make a home, maintain our lives. I am kind and friendly to family and friends. I dance and sing and teach and do other stuff. Indeed, that may be more what I’m remembered for, but I myself think the aforementioned list is my core way of helping the BE be born.

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