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Dimensions Beyond

Originally posted on May 16, 2011

One of the other ways the cosmos works is that it evolves. This includes the emergence of consciousness as a product of complexified mind, and the emergence of qualities associated with the capacities to be amazed, astonished, awed, reverent, reflective, thoughtful, inspired to theorize about, desiring to share, question, doubt, and in other ways bring qualities of “higher” mind to the challenge of its attentional focus—which includes the everything-ness, the Wholeness of existence, the interdependence of everything, and so forth. This was earlier on experienced as a sacred mystery, and personified in various ways, attributing human qualities and also for other sages, qualities that transcended personality—more like Taoism or Buddhism. Meanwhile, mind began to become aware that sharing and exchanging ideas was a useful tool in following this opening to awareness of the Greater-Ness, however that be imagined.

Alas, humanity has been in a bump in the road associated with the very human tendency to believe in what it imagines, and to believe also in the illusion that if this is true then that must be false. This illusion that projects subjectivity and myth on objective reality is in the midst of shifting paradigm: People are beginning to render unto objectivity what is properly thinking related mainly to the objective realm; and thinking subjectively (mythically, poetically, imaginatively, emotionally) about matters that are more properly associated with the personal realm.  dimensionsbeyond Negotiations continue as to which perceptions belong in which realm

In this picture, essence opens to unfolding consciousness and personal-cultural formation, which is then shown as meeting and being elaborated by dimensions beyond which human consciousness are just beginning to take more seriously. Color it and return the picture as a .jpg file to me in color. (Truth is a matter of perception, someone said; I find it an intriguing line for contemplation.)

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