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Confabulations: The Series

Originally posted on November 22, 2012

If you search the word “confabulations” on this blog-site, you’ll find a number devoted to this word, and more are being added. These were also webpages on my website under the sub-heading of “Fooling around”.  Over time I will add more and transfer over others.

How else but through play can I suggest possibilities for the future way we think about things? The world is certainly not ready for this stuff, but some, raised on science fiction and comic books (as I was), whose minds enjoy stretching and are not too worried about things being exactly right, some might enjoy these. My hope is to stretch, stimulate, boggle, play with the minds of those who (as my son puts it) like that sort of thing. If you demand a more solemn approach to philosophy, don’t look here.

Look, let’s get it clear that I’m wrong. Wrong! In many ways! I can’t even begin to know how wrong I am, because I can’t conceive of world-views that will be emerging in a century from now, much less three or more centuries in the future. No doubt by then they’ll look back and say, “Boy, was he wrong.” (If anyone were to remember me, slim chance.) But they may be charitable and say, “Still, he knew he’d be wrong; and he did touch on a number of things that we have found to be (for our time) relatively right, or useful. So let’s not be too hard on him. For the early 21st century among humans on planet Earth, he was trying to look ahead.”

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