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Originally posted on July 16, 2013

It’s sort of a ringing your bell sound: Maybe it should be spelled doyngg! It’s too close to do-ing, which is also a little involved, but what is doing what in what level of the psyche-nervous system is best expressed by the feeling of “doynggg”—with some resonance at the end. This sound is related to boink, but as I say, the feeling is more with an echo inside.


Now Zordak has endeavored to explain it to me in the subscript and illustrate the feeling it has for the “astral bodies” that co-exist with our physical body. It’s a little musical, with all them crescents. And tiny bells a-quivering.

You may well have heard of “Ommm” as a sound you make to resonate with the harmonics of the universe. Well, Doinggg is a little off, ya know what I mean? Just a little, but it’s kinda funny, and it’s also not just created by you, but by the echo-sound of when you sorta think certain things that make you ask, “Now what was that about?”

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