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Originally posted on March 28, 2013

On occasion I dare imagine elves and faeries and the like, just for fun. Looking over my cartoons I imagine there’s a “race” or category of lil’beings that are similar resonant energy fields, expressing various complexes. Just as if there’s a spirit of this tree or that rock, so too aspects of mind can generate or attract resonant energy fields. A complex is a mixture of attitudes, expectations, thoughts, beliefs, emotions, hopes and fears. Most complexes are highly muddled—that point should be emphasized. Many of the remainder are somewhat or slightly muddled, mixed with less rational elements, biases, unconscious motivations, repressed desires, mindlessly-accepted injunctions from parents and family, trans-generational prejudices and memories of traditional enemies or oppressors.

Our materialistic world doesn’t accept that complexoids exist, and perhaps they’re right. However, I have been able to identify and attempted to represent in two-dimensional form (as cartoons), a number that I’ve had around since my youth. Over time I’ve accumulated quite a fun cast of characters for my internal Commedia dell’arte. I’ll post and explain some of them in other webpages.

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