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Dimensionality Reconsidered

Originally posted on April 6, 2011

David Blatner is my son, of whom I am extremely proud. He’s writing a book titled “Spectrums.” He shares with me (and Zordak) an astonishmentality about this universe we inhabit. He wrote to me (as a note in preparing his book on Spectrums):

“If earth were the size of a grain of salt, our solar system (out to Neptune, at least) would be 352 meters, about 3.5 football fields wide. If you include the whole solar system (out to Oort cloud, about 1 light year or six trillion miles), it’s over 2000 times bigger — about 450 miles (from San Francisco to Seattle—a 2-hour flight). But if our whole solar system (out to the Oort cloud) was the size of a gain of salt, the Milky Way galaxy would be about the length of a football field. Whoa! And if the Milky Way galaxy was the size of a grain of salt, the visible universe would be about as large as the 110-story Sears tower in Chicago.

Zordak’s comment: You have to understand that your three-dimensions of space and one dimension of time is for the Divine Mind both moderately serious in one sense, but it’s also a subtle joke in another way: I mean, consider the sheer incongruity of all sorts of things: Consider cosmology as you presently imagine its progress: Starting with protons, which are near the tiniest of eensy-beensy almost nothing, and with these build the biggest, most humungous inconceivably big bright stars; allow the weakest, slightest energy, gravity, to work among these eensy-teensy protons so that the pressure of all of them combined can heat that mass to hot burning fusion reactions and burn up that star till it collapses. Then, in that “explosion,” which to the observer appears as what we call a “supernova,” gives off more energy (brightness) than much of the galaxy that the star is a part of; this star-death then blows off most of the more complicated elements thus alchemically created into space and collapses what’s left of this furnace-star into a black hole. And that’s just one of a near infinite number of Divine “tricks” or cosmo-maneuvers. (In our universe, certain mantras used in your dimension are also the cosmic echoes of the magic words for performing natural “miracles” ! —e.g., “Presto-Chango-de-Vidoa!”)

The challenge here is to develop a theology fitting these paradoxes and inconceivable distances, strengths, powers, sizes, dimensionalities, etc., which might involve your stretching your mind up, down, sideways, and yet avoiding a deep kind of psycho-spiritual vertigo. ‘Tis the equivalent of a Zen Koan in modern scientific clothing!

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