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Cosmic Momma

Originally posted on July 9, 2013

Once in a while Zordak sends me a picture to mull on. This one I’ve been considering for a while (some years) and then she revealed the deeper meaning to me (I think).


This is a mythical figure from Zordak’s universe—you know, the parallel one. There are infinite numbers of universes (as far as our tiny minds can grasp) and infinite numbers of sentient beings, and as many of these are as far in advance of our human species as we are “smarter” than ants. (In some ways we are not smarter than ants, but that’s another subject, eh?)

Yes, “she” is birthing a universe, lower right. You can see other universes being gestated in this cutaway view. Others already born, are “suckling” on her outer skin—like a marsupial—before casting into independence. Of course this is a projection of those “people” (sentient species that is as different from humans as we are from bats—not too different, if you think about it, but very different in many other ways).

This does fit with various human theologies, the cosmos being greater than can be conceived of, and greater than that, too. The “people” on this planet in Zordak’s universe—or at least one that he has visited in his cos-mobile (his inter-dimensional flying saucer, to offer a translation in language that humanity at this stage of development can understand)—have their own imagery for what it’s all about that relates to their species just as we image our various gods and goddesses.

Yes, he reassures me: (1) the one beyond-God generates innumerable species of people all developing at their own rate, some more primitive than us, some more “advanced”—and many have their own imagery that symbolically represents that which is greater than they can imagine. That we have come to a point of barely understanding those words is a mark of our status: There is greater than us that we can barely imagine, and then there are greaters than us that we cannot yet imagine. Hm.

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