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Eeksplanations (and other Confabulations)

Originally posted on December 3, 2013

Sometimes my spirit guide, one of a couple dozen or so, channels inspirational messages and pictures. If this seems too far out, ignore it, consider that I just made this stuff up. Or contemplate these words on their own merits. As a psychiatrist colleague who was a consultant to our program when I was in the Air Force once said, “I just say what I think and if the people I consult to want to consider that helpful, I have no objection.” That’s nice, it respects the autonomy of the other.

Anyway, this latest, “Eeksplanations,” sorta kinda suggests the wherefore of our existential predicament. I mean, the cosmos is not absurd. That’s a huge cop-out. It is absolutely meaningful, but it’s far too big for even a consortium of our best minds to begin to begin to understand. I will concede that a good mind can begin to begin to begin. That’s what I’m doing here, and that I suggest or invite you to do likewise.

The point is to have the courage to open to creativity, even if you can’t imagine fully getting “there.” Even a bit of reaching is needed, actually. We all need to reach a bit—that’s our collective life force.

A corollary point is that empowerment is the opposite of the subtle  mental attitude that characterizes our tendency to submit to the key psychological dynamic in being oppressed: That’s just the way it is, there’s no use fighting it, and indeed, let’s think of creative ways around it, because we can’t create ways of changing it. Well, somewhat, but also not—it’s those crazy ones that seek ways of at least beginning to change it that mark the progress of humanity. Come on in! They’re not persecuting you for thinking any more! The time has come for a new tolerance—and in some quarters, need for—creativity!

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