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Art-Speak from Other Worlds

Originally posted on April 18, 2012

Sometimes what we want to say cannot be expressed in the linear alphabetic word-language of your species. In music, this is why polyphonic music and then orchestras were employed: to suggest rich textures of experience-meaning. 414artlanguage










Since we’re using a print/visual medium to communicate to your people (we know they’re not “your” in the possessive sense, but rather your in the sense of you have readier access to them as a translato-rational vehcicle), we tried to “say” the “sentence” above in something more like “art.” (Admittedly, it’s a sort of abstract, iconic art in which the symbols are meant to sugggest . . . . well, whatever they do suggest to you. Those who have eyes to see and all that. It’s all play from up over in beyond here.

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  • terry teaters says:

    I am thinking about this article in terms of poly-rhythmic African drumming, where there are distinct voices which all interact to create a single village voice. The lead drummer is a healer and shapes his rhythm to particular dancers who need movement as medicine.

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