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Extra-Terrestrial Elves

Originally posted on July 14, 2013

You’re aware by now that the more they look the more they find, and this applies to stars that have planets. So it’s become very clear—well, some don’t believe it now—that there are billions upon billions of stars with planets and very conservatively millions of intelligent life forms, some far more intelligent than your own, some not so bright. Lots of life forms that are at the level of plants and animals and bacteria! Anyway, everything has its associated transdimensional facilitating resonant energy complex—TFREC—which isn’t a bad name for these guys” Tifrecs—but really they’re trans-form energy beings, just like on your planet you have little men and fairies, trolls, elves, brownies, and so forth.

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The angels are sort of the big machines and the elves the lubrication. You see, lower consciousness sentient beings (such as humanity) is so impressed with its intuitions, psychic perceptions, and glimmerings of angels that it tends to idolize them, makes them gods. But in fact it’s important that people begin to realize more that they co-create with these other beings, it’s a complex dance. Elf-like beings seem smaller and more playful and kids can relate to the easier, so they soften up the co-creative process, make it more of a mythic game.

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