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Another Creation Story

Originally posted on December 15, 2010

Zordak here, channeling through Adam: Just as “Genesis” in the Judaeo-Christian Bible became widely-known creation story among many humans on your planet, there is another creation story that has been popular among some other intelligent species living on a number of planets in other galaxies who are in contact with each other psychically. (Oh, Adam says few humans know that this can happen. Well, it can and does.) Anyway, it occurred to me (said Zordak) that it might be of interest to you to hear this story.

Once upon a time—really, before Time with a capital T—before what Earth cosmologists— and cosmologists on other planets, too—have come to call “The Big Bang” (estimated by others also to be around 13.7 billion years ago), there was and has always been the mysterious All-ness that mystics have called by many names—among them, “God”—a name derived from the English-from-the Anglo-Saxon language.

This All-that-is has been spiritually glimpsed as the root of all by other sentient beings, also, in your universe and other universes. About this “All” more can not be said. Still, some sentient creatures with their relatively limited minds—well, compared to the “All,” even the archangels have relatively limited minds—, still, they—and we—can tell stories. These stories are meant to stimulate imagination. There are many stories that can be told about facets of the All. Some tell of a being that suffices in itself, and some tell of a being that seeks to become, and none of us presume to know which is more true, or if both perhaps are true in their own ways. The story I’ll tell is about the becoming, and this story suggests a sort of purpose of existence.

Beginning with the aforementioned “Big Bang” or “Cosmic Unfolding,” some of your scientists have hypothesized that in the relatively early moments of that process untold numbers of particles of matter and anti-matter were both produced, but in the heat of that unfolding the two “opposite” types of particles collided and in those collisions both were annihilated, releasing from each encounter incredibly strong energies.  Interesting, apparently there was tiny bit more matter than anti-matter, but this surplus, only one particle of matter out of a billion particles of matter and anti-matter annihilating pairs, was still enough to supply all the matter in the known universe! All the matter in the known, expanding, universe with all its stars, galaxies, dust, planets, asteroids, and the matter upon and within them—not to speak of the “dark matter”—arose from this relatively one-part-in-a-billion remnant from the unfolding energies in the Big Bang.

Well might you ask, “Whoa! What happened to the energy and the anti-matter?” (Zordak said) “From our trans-dimensional viewpoint, it became not only ordinary “energy” as known by your scientists around this time in your species’ evolution, but it became “mind energy,” too.

The whole interaction has been misunderstood by Earth scientists, limited as they’ve been by instruments that can only detect evidences in the 3-D space-time-matter-energy realm. There is another realm that is there, here, too, and that is the realm of mind-dimensions, many of which serve as our figurative home or realm where we travel. These mind-dimensions account for dreams and visions on your planet, and much else that you call occult or magical or mysterious. (They also account for things you take for granted, such as desire and music, creativity and consciousness itself.)

Anyway, the energy of what your scientists call antimatter continues to infuse the mind dimensions, accounting for a great deal of unfolding phenomena. In your universe, this energy accounts for a subtle but continual inflow of creativity and the tendencies towards becoming more complex, integrated, alive, conscious, and ultimately interconnected. In turn, this ability to be creative can lead to your species—if it survives—learning to connect with other types of consciousness in the mind dimensions and throughout all the galaxies—but the ability to do that remains in your distant future. (Right now your species is growing rapidly, but in our view still quite immature, far from ready to interact constructively—with each other, much less other sentient forms in the Cosmos.)

Actually, some of these elements have been intuited by some human mystics. For example, in mystical Judaism, one sage, Rabbi Isaac Luria, for example, imagined a story about the world’s becoming that involved the many-leveled structure that other mystical Jews called the “Etz Khayyim,” (in Hebrew) or, in English, the Kabbalistic “Tree of Life.” In Luria’s story, the cosmic becoming-energy blossomed forth but could not be contained by the various principles of Divine action, and the vessels that received this energy shattered, a process Luria called “Tzimtzum, followed by Shervirat HaKelim,.”

Why were the structures of the Cosmos unable to contain the universe? Something analogous has been told as a creation story on other planets, interestingly enough, but they explained it thus: The fullness of Divine Energy could not manifest in its completed form because while the building blocks of this universe had begun to be created, the psychic or mental connections had hardly begun to form. It is the psychic connections that give the cosmos resilience. It is not the material substance that accounts for life, but the psychic-energy connectivity of the system.

So (Zordak said), the resilience of the universe sufficient to reflect and build on Divine energy required the evolution first of sentient mind and then reflective mind, mind that could in turn conceive of the All. Second, minds needed to connect with other minds operating with this awareness.  This has just begun on your Earth planet, and is a bit more advanced on other planets.

Saying it another way, Divine resilience, enough not to shatter the Divine structural potential of the cosmos, involves not firmness of matter, but flexibility of mind, and for that to occur, the universe had to evolve from mere matter through complex matter through life through consciousness toward integration also of the mind-dimensions. Your people are at an early stage where only a few of you have only recently become conscious of this direction of creative “progress” or evolution.

The Cosmos is a prolific place, and trillions of life forms have evolved, billions have evolved to the point of sentience, and some of these have become extinct—they haven’t worked out how to constructively move forward. Life and consciousness is complex and perilous, so there’s no guarantee from on high that humans will make it, either. Still, there are also inconceivable numbers and types of spiritual influences, help, guidance, inspiration, and desire for you to progress, available to help you. (We are just one type.) So we hope you do progress and eventually connect and integrate peacefully and beautifully with many other life forms.

Alas, so much of your literature—even your science fiction literature (including movies) still have your human war-like tendencies as a dominant theme—either your own negative psychic tendencies, or they are projected onto extraterrestrials or spiritual beings who are imagined to be malignant rather than benign. Ironically, this actually “calls” such resonant energy fields towards you, reinforces negative attitudes. So it’s a difficult game—ironically, a bit like the cosmos imagined by your prophets Zoroaster and Mani between two and three thousand years ago in your time—i.e., a “battle between good and evil forces.”

The misunderstanding is that this battle happens not between great armies of demons and angels or heroes out there, but between moderate-size numbers of tiny types of foolishness within your own minds. Your culture is just beginning to recognize the truth of this. The moral of this story is for you to own the next challenge of maturing your own minds and those of your children and fellows, to bring positivity rather than negativity into the story. This may require many centuries, but it’s important to begin now, to lay the foundations. 

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  • John Swardstrom says:

    Are you able to ask Zordak if ‘he’ would explain ‘his’ own existence?

    Also, how is it that ‘he’ has chosen to communicate with you?

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