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Foolin’ Around

Originally posted on January 6, 2011

On my website under “papers” at the bottom is a section titled “Foolin’ Around, and there I have posted some  links  to  webpages that might be amusing to you. They have odd cartoon-doodles I’ve drawn, too. They are bits of fluff that in a sense illustrate my doodles. No, they’re really profound and mysteriously exotic diagrams akin to the alchemists of old. No they’re postmodern texts onto which you project your own interpretations.

I’m serious about provoking a discussion about whether mind is a valid ontological category, to be considered as “real” as matter, time, space, and energy. I’m very playful in speculating on what the implications of such a thesis might be.  I’m serious in affirming that we can not be serious or pretend we know much about mind in its many-faceted nature, neither in ourselves nor in the Cosmos. Can mind exist outside of our craniums? Does it require physical brains?  Might there be other complex resonating systems that can “pick up” on the reflections of Cosmic or Divine Mind?  Well, I fool around with these, I dare to ask the questions, and confess to you—-shhh! Don’t tell anyone!—I don’t know. Not a clue. But I can speculate, can’t I? 

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