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Art (Mandalas, Doodles, Scripts)

Metaphysical Art Explained: Angel-Wing Expansion

This mandala expresses the great mystery of becoming from yet another angle. Imagine that angels are dimensions or realms of being—meta-oversouls that facilitate a whole field of endeavors, such as Twitter, or Sports Cars, or mud wrestling. Some are deeply traditional, such as Yoga, and others quite new to human consciousness. Some express an old […]

Metaphysical Cartooning

(Or cartooned intuitive metaphysics.) I are a sy-kie-a-trist! Well, I was! A Board Certified hunky-do! I’ve given psychiatry up now and am focusing on writing a book that expressed my intuitions about metaphysics, but it’s illustrated by cartoons. Really (consciously), I just made this stuff up, but it hangs together more as time goes on. […]

Metaphysical Explanations

(With a drawing at the end as an example.) I’ve begun a new art form that mixes drawing and prose. Through this synthesis I attempt to explicate my version of how the cosmos is in an ongoing creative process. It’s poetic, not to be taken literally. I seriously doubt that language as it operates today […]

More Kabbalistic Tree of Life Pictures

In a previous post I put up some of my Tree of Life pictures. Here are some more. This was done some 37 years ago, or thereabouts. It’s based on the way the snake symbol travels “down” and “around” in manifesting. The ten spheres of activity are portrayed in geometric designs. I’ve enjoyed exploring the […]

More On This Blog, and On my Website

My son has been transferring more of my website web-pages onto this blog, so you can have more fun browsing around. There are also lots of other papers and cartoons and such still on my website. There’s even another related website that is a companion to my anthology, Interactive & Improvisational Drama. Check it out. […]

Musings (5-5-2018)

I’m not in charge of my memory, so clinging to memory doesn’t work. I’m tempted to take a stand against my body: "What am I, chopped liver?" is a Yiddish expres-sion in confrontation with a person who is perceived as dismissive. It’s a sarcastic way of assertion of independent existence. But I’m not saying that. […]

Nice to See You

I saw God. Well, not all of God, but a itty-bitty glow of the fingertip of “Her” fin-ger-tip, so to speak. I saw it by standing on tiptoe on a chair and peeking over the transom (the window above the doorway) and Lo! There She was, a tiny glow under a table. I said, “You’re […]

No More Psychiatry for Me

I became a physician because it fascinated me. It was wonder-full—really! Biology is one of the shining sources of wonder for my mind, and I’m privileged to have studied enough to know that what I learned was only the beginning! But I turned 80 recently and I sort of retired 20 years ago—but now I’ve […]

Novelty in Philosophy

Let’s begin with a quote of a passage—one of m favorites—by Alfred North Whitehead, found near the end of his book, Modes of Thought. He wrote near the end (pp.237-238):    “The use of philosophy is to maintain an active novelty of fundamental ideas illuminating the social system. It reverses the slow descent of accepted […]

Other Dimensions!?

I talk to God, as you know, not that I expect that God listens to puny me. But I fantasize that God delegates the message back to me via several levels of archangels and angels. I don’t hear “His” (maybe “Her”?) words exactly because my unconscious mind certainly contaminate—and indeed, this all is probably fantasy, […]

Out-of-Control Panel and Adjust-ometer

I was just playing around, but the theme that I’ll be talking about in February on “Mind-Spectrums” really takes off on this idea: So many things operate on a spectrum, and the weird part is that “all the needles” are moving, waving, shifting. The mind is a profoundly dynamic process that is often operating more […]


This mandala suggests that external appearances are structured by archetypes, which are in turn structured by meta-archetypes, etc. As categories overlap in dream worlds and at the Platonic levels, one meaning can never suffice. There is of course the geometric meanings, and how one line or part of line in one triangle becomes another line […]

Permutations of Seven

Permutation is a good word. It invites you to sensuously enter into the possibilities of the figure, to feel out how many ways it can play out. The word “permutation” invites my mind to cast loose of its bearings and float in a multi-dimensional space, making new connections, forming new “shapes” that really drift like […]

Religious Insignia

In another world, they recognize that spirituality involves a confluence of spiritual images that work for the unique sentient entity—and there are billions of them, just like here on Earth. That is to say, they’ve passed the historical evolutionary period when people presumed to know what the Divine “was” and how it should be properly […]

Sam Hurt’s “Eyebeam”

I enjoy this cartoon strip, and it has a number of sub-plots, themes that involve a variety of the main character’s friend. One of those that I especially enjoy is “Hank the Hallucination,” about which the following is shown: I enjoy the author’s evident enjoyment of the idea of hallucinating, which, although a sign of […]

Semantics Illustrated

Saul Steinberg is a cartoon-artist whose drawings I find to be thought-provoking (and I dearly love my thoughts to be provoked). Here in a New Yorker magazine cover of September 17, 1960 he portrays words and names that evoke different associations in different people. Sail on, oh ship of American hegemony (at the time, a […]

Shree Yantra Doodle

I just doodled this quickly and scrawled some “writing” underneath it: This illustrates the nature of unconscious inspiration: I have no conscious idea what it says, yet I only doubt slightly that it says something. Perhaps it says that one can playfully open one’s mind and wonderful things enter it. That’s how Mozart did it.

Sri Yantra as Symbol

A drawing can be a complex symbol. The kabbalistic “Etz Khayyim” or “Tree of Life” is one “map” of higher consciousness that I enjoy contemplating, and the “Sri Yantra” is another. This latter diagram is among my favorite metaphysical “maps.” Of course, the idea of a 2-dimensional map requires some work to suggest the third […]

St. Patrick’s Day

Bluebonnets peeking through, as are light green leaves. If you look just right you’ll be able to see the elves awakening and frolicking! I can’t bring myself to shout at them, “Hey you kids, it’s not even springtime—yet—but pretty soon. Well, anyway, hello there all, ye known and unknown to humankind.

Sub-Atomic Anatomy

“Big fleas have little fleas upon their back to bite ‘em, And little fleas have littler fleas, and so ad infinitum.”    So said  Augustus de Morgan—also similarly, Jonathan Swift in the 18th century.   They were more right than they knew. God is so great that our whole universe of three dimensions of space […]

Surrealism’s Relevance

Creativity is our new meme—the theme that is relevant for our time. The surrealistic artists anticipated this by a century, but so much creativity has characterized the many “inventions” of the 20th and beginning 21st century that it’s time we became aware that, as the philosopher Nikolai Berdyayev said (in Rissian), “Be creative, and foster […]

The “Higgs” BosOMMM

Now there’s a totally weird theory that the mass of the cosmos is generated by a field that was described by some fellow named Higgs. Last summer they found evidence to suggest he was right. Sort of. But the idea that mass is generated by a imperceptible field is so counter-intuitive as to seem ludicrous. […]

The “Real” Easter Bunny

The real Easter Bunny is a Christianized image of embodied Grace. In itself, it is neither a small furry rabbit, nor does it lay or give eggs. What it is, I imagine (and you must realize that I am only imagining and have no factual knowledge of which I speak), is a visualized archetype, an […]

The Communi-cube as Oracle

My friend John Casson in England created an instrument to get people communi-cating: The communicube. They communicate more articulately to themselves. You can see it on his website. My wife has used it in her spirituality group to get the small number of people involved to reflect more on their lives. She’s used it several […]

The Elves in Your Selves

First of all, your sense of your self as one self is to some degree an illusion. There is an ongoing dynamic that ties all your roles together so that you feel like a single self, and this dynamic can be cultivated so that your integration is flexible. This dynamic can also be transcended and […]