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Nice to See You

Originally posted on December 9, 2016

I saw God. Well, not all of God, but a itty-bitty glow of the fingertip of “Her” fin-ger-tip, so to speak. I saw it by standing on tiptoe on a chair and peeking over the transom (the window above the doorway) and Lo! There She was, a tiny glow under a table. I said, “You’re God, aren’t you.” She grinned and said, “Dang, You got me!” (as if we had been playing hide-and-seek.


(The above is Sam Hurt’s cartoon from a few years ago, part of his “Eyebeam” series.)

You see, I’d been looking for God in all the wrong places, at the 5th, and 6th dimensional levels. Nothing that worked for me. I had given up, sort of, but on exploring the 7th dimension a found a door and a chair and a transom and I stood tip-toe on the chair through the transom and there—sort-of—She was. Please again seek to understand this very symbolically or metaphorically or whatever.

Many people—not everyone—seeks something “higher.” But that which is higher is a bit different for each person, depending on their peculiar types of temperament, intelligence, and other variables. Indeed, everyone is so different, and it’s more obvious when you get down to the detailed particulars—and why indeed should it not be true for the experience of what is higher?

I think more at the 7th dimension, and thought everyone did—but I was sorely mistaken and many of my mistakes, looking back, were at least in small part due to the fact that most folks think 6th dimensionally. (Sixth dimension thinks about thinking; 7th dimension thinks about that, thinks about thinking about thinking. Seems like a tiny difference but it’s “Yuge!” (as President-elect Trump might say).

I realized experientially what I had suspected: We’re all projections of the Every-thing Becoming (aka God), and this was a playful metaphoric experience of that idea.

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