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More Kabbalistic Tree of Life Pictures

Originally posted on August 1, 2013

In a previous post I put up some of my Tree of Life pictures. Here are some more.


This was done some 37 years ago, or thereabouts. It’s based on the way the snake symbol travels “down” and “around” in manifesting. The ten spheres of activity are portrayed in geometric designs. I’ve enjoyed exploring the permutations of number in two-dimensional forms. There’s a kind of hypnotic focus in imagining the possible symbolic meanings of each number. Okay, here’s another:

stargridmandalaPerceiving this pattern in the night sky requires a tendency of mind that is similar to the human capacity to superimpose  meaningful patterns into anything. Other species of intelligent life in the cosmos have this capacity and inclination, also, and Zordak reports that this heavenly constellation that hints at the Kabbalistic Tree of Life diagram is discerned (creatively imagined?) by the inhabitants of Planet 4, Star System 3882, Quadrant 22b in Galaxy 2,399,208. “Believe it or not!” as Robert Ripley might say.

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