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Metaphysical Art Explained: Angel-Wing Expansion

Originally posted on September 23, 2013

This mandala expresses the great mystery of becoming from yet another angle. Imagine that angels are dimensions or realms of being—meta-oversouls that facilitate a whole field of endeavors, such as Twitter, or Sports Cars, or mud wrestling. Some are deeply traditional, such as Yoga, and others quite new to human consciousness. Some express an old idea in new ways, perhaps by mixing the old idea with new technologies.

The mandala shows how it all begins from the source of all becoming, which some people name God, others offer other god-names. I don’t presume to be fit to name this source. Should I call it Source with a capital level?

Anyway, this picture shows the trajectory of the development of a large meme—an idea that catches on enough to engage the minds of several thousand people, at least. Actually, there are billions of these angels of various “sizes,” reflecting the numbers of consciousness joining them, the devoutness of emotional investment, and many other categories. In turn, these collective thought forms draw upon the source and act as angels.

They expand for a while, then go off, declining among humans, or transforming into something else as they evolve, thus giving the picture a bit of a curved surface, as if they are heading off into the distance.

The spiritual message here is a mixture of lesson and celebration. This is the way God is expanding in every way, and also this is the way that the cosmos is expanding in every dimension of mind, new variations, creative subtleties, integrations with other fields of endeavor.


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