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No More Psychiatry for Me

Originally posted on October 11, 2017

I became a physician because it fascinated me. It was wonder-full—really! Biology is one of the shining sources of wonder for my mind, and I’m privileged to have studied enough to know that what I learned was only the beginning!

But I turned 80 recently and I sort of retired 20 years ago—but now I’ve given up my license. (I moved to another state and would have to take the Board Exams and I don’t really need that hassle if we live simply.) Plus I realized that I’m inclined to be a science fiction writer and artist.

I was deferential about this new role of artist. I hadn’t gone to art school and didn’t claim to be the best drawer—but I’ve done cartoon-doodles or doodled cartoon things for all my adult life and now, why not? What if I no longer apologize? My drawings are not fine, but they have original wacky ideas and today I realized, maybe that gives them freshness and originality.

My art fits with part of my philosophy, which considers this three-dimensional-appearing world that changes over time—the 4th dimension—and is perceived and interpreted—and I make mind that does this perception a 5th dimension… and then I go farther. This is not the time or place for my speculations on higher dimensions.

But what if ours is not the only 3-Dimensional Existence? What if there are other realms? So I take off on this fantasy and develop it in various ways. Luckily, my wife likes my imagination and we play with the ideas that come forth from this angle.

Seriously, I use that line of story-telling also to deepen my awareness of my ignorance, wonder, and respect for the world, the mystery of life, and some return to a kind of religion—more to share in the community than to buy into any dogma. Still, I used to be an athiest, and as far as the sixth dimension where most folks are, maybe you might consider me that now. But at the high seventh dimension, not at all: I have come to return to full faith that I’m not what it’s all about, but what some theologians call God. This continues to evolve, though.

Meanwhile, a degree of mysticism informs my fantasy-development and my art. What if my doodles are not doodles, but rather I should give them more respect as spontaneous drawings that, on reflection, illustrate a trans-dimensional perspective?

Using odd words is part of both the play and the sense of foolin’ around in service of trying to find and make up new words to characterize domains, realms, that I consciously know nothing about. However, sometimes I wonder what dreams are about, not literally, but poetically.. This too informs my journey. Enough for now.

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