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The “Real” Easter Bunny

Originally posted on May 11, 2014

The real Easter Bunny is a Christianized image of embodied Grace. In itself, it is neither a small furry rabbit, nor does it lay or give eggs. What it is, I imagine (and you must realize that I am only imagining and have no factual knowledge of which I speak), is a visualized archetype, an effulgence of the spirit that condenses, and in so doing, like some of my mandalas, gives out patterns of grace.


Looking at this, you can see that this “Easter Bunny” is a human imagined form given to a trans-dimensional emergent figure, fractal, spewing out sub-pre-form-colors from all its “pores.” Both the bunny and the eggs that are generated are multi-colored and fabulously patterned, as trans-dimensional dream forms can be. The existence of such “egg-creators” is manifested on this planet by humans as Bunnies and Eggs, because rabbits tend to be inoffensive, and it’s important that people’s minds not be frozen in terror by the emergence of transdimensional anything. People tend to be spooked, so the angels take care to neutralize that which is excessively strange or overwhelming.

The Easter Bunny is a child’s way of expressing the dynamic of Grace, freely given. It has been co-opted by the Christian religion to express the generosity of God, counter-balancing an underlying theology of terror, capriciousness, and other human projections on the cosmos. But really it’s not confined to Christians or Western Cultures, and it’s not a bunny at all—as I said, it’s a form attributed to this deep archetype of the rain of Grace into human dimensionality.

The cosmos is birthing us, and we are ourselves in a sense tiny bunnies, marshmallow-filled, chocolate-covered chickies, colorful eggs. We’re of course more than eggs, but using a poetic-cosmic metaphor, these images speak to our emergent nature.

We are only able to channel and manifest at most 10% of what is given us in dreams, which themselves are largely stepped-down psychic representations of more glorious “big dreams” that folks have on occasion, more richly psychedelic, which are themselves stepped down psychic representation of numinous mystical experiences that cannot be expressed even in art. This is in truth the way the trans-cosmic reality operates. We do the same for high-voltage electricity, stepping it down from those giant towers and wires through transforming stations, stepping it down several times so that it dribbles out of our sockets at 120 or 240 volts, no more. More would blow out our appliances. So too the volume and intensity of cosmic mind.

At the higher levels, there are forces, complexes, seeking to help us evolve, driving the direction of what we call “evolution” towards greater complexes of together-ness and consciousness. This will go on for many thousands of years, and we are just enjoying at present a phase of relative inflation and civilization. How we handle it is not yet determined. Our collective opportunity is to be wise and adaptive, and our collective foolishness promises catastrophic decline.

What will help is to notice and value the idea that there are forces of Grace, good insights, inspirations, connections, synchronicities, the work that goes into creative endeavors, collaborations. I do what very little I can. These arise not only from our own work and ability, but are thickly added to by sources beyond us.

What we call intelligence is really only the degree of openness or porosity of people to trans-dimensional sources of wisdom, adjusted for the individual’s particular make-up, what works for each: Often people have several potentials for relative openness, a few very open, most about the same as others, and several arenas where they’re relatively dense. This is genetic and complex.

We humans are trying to align our socio-educational systems so that people can access their channels of natural talent. This is not easy, because we have been evolving our social forms through world-views that tend to treat knowledge as content taught by authorities rather than as frameworks for emergent insight. Also, certain forms of “knowing” are valued while others are marginalized and some even denied—what we call “psychic.”  The good news is that all this is changing, evolving, becoming broader and more inclusive.

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