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Originally posted on July 8, 2015


This mandala suggests that external appearances are structured by archetypes, which are in turn structured by meta-archetypes, etc. As categories overlap in dream worlds and at the Platonic levels, one meaning can never suffice. There is of course the geometric meanings, and how one line or part of line in one triangle becomes another line (same color) in another triangle. The ten lines represent the kabbalistic sephirot, the plural of the “tree of life,” which is a way to communicate the general idea that the cosmos operates at ten levels. Since it’s difficult for humans to recognize even two or three levels, ten means to suggest that the ultimate truth is beyond the beyond ten times, truly inconceivable, except that we guess at the ultimacy beyond the ultimacy beyond the ultimacy. There’s a Tibetan chant that speaks to this: Gah-tay, gah-tay, para-gah-tay, para sam gah-tay, bodhi svahee. Beyond, beyond, beyond the beyond, beyond all beyond-ing, the Buddah truth operates.

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