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Zordak’s Journal

Welcome! This is a listing of entries in Zordak's journal. These words were (more or less) channeled through Adam (or at least the multi-dimensional interferrence patterns that manifest in this reality as Adam).



Zordak says that on planet Pfffft in the galaxy-with-no-name-yet, the sentient organisms there also theologize in their own way. They too have a concept of what roughly corresponds to what in some religions on our planet is called “purgatory”—a material realm in which souls are purified for the ‘next step up.’ (Certain nuances are lost […]

Putting On a Show

Hey, humans aren’t the only species that organizes a show. So do beings in other dimensions, as revealed to me by Zordak. He explains, “This is the Zig-Zag Club.” ) Of course that’s not what they call it, but their modes of communication are soooo different…  You must recall that Zordak has taken classes in […]

Religious Insignia

In another world, they recognize that spirituality involves a confluence of spiritual images that work for the unique sentient entity—and there are billions of them, just like here on Earth. That is to say, they’ve passed the historical evolutionary period when people presumed to know what the Divine “was” and how it should be properly […]

Resonances in the Cosmos

Action in this world generates resonances, somewhat like ripples spreading from a pebble dropped in a still pond. But there are billions of sentient life forms just on this planet, interacting ever more intimately. We have no idea of the echoes of our being—or as Krishna advises Arjuna in the teaching story of the Baghavad […]

Shree Yantra Doodle

I just doodled this quickly and scrawled some “writing” underneath it: This illustrates the nature of unconscious inspiration: I have no conscious idea what it says, yet I only doubt slightly that it says something. Perhaps it says that one can playfully open one’s mind and wonderful things enter it. That’s how Mozart did it.

Shree Yantra Live

In our world/ realm / dimension (says Zordak, my little green friend who visits me in his lil’ flying saucer thingey-o) we also have the diagram called the “Sri Yantra” as shown here: In our world it’s far more organic, slightly fluctuating, generating ever-new internal patterns. On your planet (at least in India and parts […]

Springtime Adventurations

Riding my bicycle around the larger neighborhood, about a 5 mile loop, noticing that on the heels of Daylight Saving Time we’re warming up (literally) to the Vernal Equinox, when the night-length equals the day-length. That adds up to Springtime! (Which reminds me of “In Just-spring” by e.e. cummings. )   Those lil’ buds on the […]

Sprites: Resonant Energy Fields

The category of faeries, elves, brownies, pixies, trolls, and other imaginary “little people” are not “people” as we think of them, but rather more like resonant energy fields. They can change as your mind changes, for the positive of negative. They have no form exactly, but take on the characteristics of which kinds of attitudes […]

Textures of Reality

This in from Zordak: Part of the reason we travel among the dimensions is that it is just so wondrous and thick and interesting! The tiniest event in your reality resonates with layer upon layer of circumstance. The history of each  element that led to that even, the stories of the elements that went into […]

Textures of Reality (Number x-1)

Beyond mass, energy, time and space, there is also mind—but that opens up to innumerable frames of reference. The point of all this is that the dimensions aren’t merely geometrical, but they suggest moods, paradoxes, questions, excitements, confusions, self-deceptions, illusions, and all sorts of other things. In another reality, I haven’t figured out how to […]

That Explains Everything

“A camel is a horse designed by a committee.” So it has been said. I was pondering the mysteries of the universe, the riddles of existence, and my friend Zordak (the extra-terrestrial buddy who visits from other dimensions, too), reminded me of Universe #9&$(x-1)! , which, he assured me, was not a cuss word, but […]

The “Evolution” (?) Of Zordak

JS continues his provocative interrogation: “Actually, I was interested to know how Zordak evolved  in the imaginary universe in which ‘he’ lives.  An aspect of science fiction that I like are the explanations of how and why things happen the way they do in the authors imaginary universe.    It appears to me that Zordak […]

The “Higgs” BosOMMM

Now there’s a totally weird theory that the mass of the cosmos is generated by a field that was described by some fellow named Higgs. Last summer they found evidence to suggest he was right. Sort of. But the idea that mass is generated by a imperceptible field is so counter-intuitive as to seem ludicrous. […]

The Bubbling Multiverse

In one sense there is indeed a Universe, as the ultimate God, the Everything Becoming, includes in its one-ness all dimensions, minds, potentialities, etc. But it’s a universe that is much vaster than the three-dimensions of space in which hundreds of billions of galaxies spread over inconceivable distances. This universe of space and mass and […]

The God Process

In this other universe some theologians recognize that God is not a core of complete consciousness, but rather the all, of which there is a center that acts somewhat as an organizer. To the extent that God is All, it is the periphery and the invisible connections among the parts as well as the central […]

The Secret

It can’t be said in ordinary language, so riddled is it with paradox that transcends ordinary reasoning. Okay, maybe it isn’t the secret, but some think it’s a secret.   At least it’s a “secret” to the people who find un-ending depths in the symbolism!

The Universe Next Door

Well, not exactly. One dimension over, sort of up and to the right, not that directions mean much in a cosmos of multiple dimensions. Nor is it one,  but infinite in numbers—but we’ll start with one. What? You thought this was the only reality??  Okay, that’s where you are. But for me and my kind […]

The World of Almost-Real

This is a fictional alternative dimension where I “live,” as do many cartoonists, novelists, and others who make up alternative realities. I “become” various characters, and enjoy the fiction that “they” are real and have chosen to “channel” through me. It is thus not me who writes some of these more far-out posts, it is […]

There Goes Another One!

It turns out that there is one other universe—but of course, if there were one, there could be an infinite number! I dreamt about it last night—but it wasn’t a dream—it was a segment: Everything went fifty times faster than in our world. Bibbi-badda-bu-bi-bam! Faces, people, events—vaguely oriental, I recall, but oh-so-fast. I realized that […]

Thoughts on Dimension-ality

Although we are physically 3-Dimensional, our minds are able to think about many-dimensions. (I am aware that this is a concept that is provisional!) I think we’re at least 4 dimensions, but our minds can intuit more! Mathematicians intuit many more! (I have an acquaintance who thinks there are thirty-three di-mensions!) Some few think about […]

Through the Cosmoscope

People don’t realize that the internet is permeable to other dimensions. As this picture shows, yes, we can be seen, and we can also get a glimpse of those who see us. Electromagnetic radiation at certain wavelengths can be detected by the cosmoscope, an instrument that allows for inter-dimensional perception. The beings in other realms—some […]


Mathematical equations as we know them are limited to our ability to specify and quantify, which is great, as far as it goes. Pictures often have subtleties not amen-able to definition, thought. At higher dimensions this fuzziness is a disadvantage to people who believe that things can be quantified. At a certain “level” this is […]

Where “They” Come From

Mooshie-Kapooshes are sprites that attach to whatever and make that whatever “cute.” They relate along multiple dimensions to the neuro-peptide oxytocin, the mind of the beholder, neotenous qualities of the beheld, and whatever the angels intend. They develop as shown on the left, below, in a soulstar womb of potentials; then below right, they are […]

Zordak’s Early Adventures

It took a bit of time for Zordak to learn the ropes, so to speak. There were tendencies in the earlier contacts to transfer assumptions about how things work on this planet. For example, unlike other sentient life forms, our species does not recognize the concept of spiritually enlightened beings, or foolishly confuses that state […]

Zordak’s Easter

My little flying saucer little green man friend Zordak was explaining: The Easter Bunny is an example of neoteny—the tendency of species to take on the qualities of the young child—which evokes instinctual responses of “cute” and the desire to nurture, to have around as pets, or stuffed toys.  It speaks to the archetypes of […]