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There Goes Another One!

Originally posted on July 6, 2018

It turns out that there is one other universe—but of course, if there were one, there could be an infinite number! I dreamt about it last night—but it wasn’t a dream—it was a segment: Everything went fifty times faster than in our world. Bibbi-badda-bu-bi-bam! Faces, people, events—vaguely oriental, I recall, but oh-so-fast. I realized that this was not your ordinary dream, but a glimpse of a realm where things didn’t have mass to push around and so could go or happen much faster.

We have such things in our universe called neutrinos. We don’t know really what they are, but they move at speeds that are nearly the speed of light. Wow.

And so, I was vouchsafed a glimpse—I think that’s the right word—a glimpse of other realms, as if our own is not the only one possible. I’m tempted to dismiss this but I sort-of saw it, Might ordinary people have glimpsed other realms, too—and they were not hallucinations or delusions? But I’m a psychiatrist—or at least I was. I am empowered, certified, to say what’s real—versus (as the comedian Mel Brooks said on a record), what’s just “foolin’ around.” And despite my diminished status as retired, I affirm that this dream was a glimpse of a possible reality! Science fiction? Sure! But then rockets to the moon were science-fiction a century ago!

Seriously, what if—just sayin’—what “if” there are indeed other realms where things move fifty times faster? “Impossible!” you say? Not if these things have much, much less “mass.”

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