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Zordak’s Early Adventures

Originally posted on January 28, 2011

It took a bit of time for Zordak to learn the ropes, so to speak. There were tendencies in the earlier contacts to transfer assumptions about how things work on this planet.takeme2guru1

For example, unlike other sentient life forms, our species does not recognize the concept of spiritually enlightened beings, or foolishly confuses that state with mere wealth or celebrity. Some folks down here even imagine that political managers (or as we call them, elected officials) to be actually wiser than others, ignoring what one must do in order to get elected by peers with limited consciousness.

He reported on the tragic outcome of the expedition of a friend of his:golfalien

So it may be a lesson for your Star Trek fans that exploring life forms on other planets makes for many opportunities for misunderstanding: gaspumpearthling1 

Oh, these were interesting times. Y’all were all in a fluster about “flying saucers” and we were just trying to find someone with whom we could communicate without worrying about whether he or she would pull a gun on us. Finally, whew! we found Adam.

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