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Sprites: Resonant Energy Fields

Originally posted on March 24, 2013

The category of faeries, elves, brownies, pixies, trolls, and other imaginary “little people” are not “people” as we think of them, but rather more like resonant energy fields. They can change as your mind changes, for the positive of negative. They have no form exactly, but take on the characteristics of which kinds of attitudes or thought-forms you tend to harbor. These are from a general sample of humanity. They’re more on the neurotic side, on the whole, if not a bit worse. Most are somewhat confused or muddled.
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These fields are your personal sources of support, or they bleed off your excess negative energy. The trick is to cultivate your positive energies and develop strong “allies” who amplify your more positive thoughts. There are many—most, really—well, almost everyone—who don’t believe in these guys or anything like them. Maybe they’re right. Maybe not.

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