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Putting On a Show

Originally posted on July 11, 2013

Hey, humans aren’t the only species that organizes a show. So do beings in other dimensions, as revealed to me by Zordak. He explains, “This is the Zig-Zag Club.” )


Of course that’s not what they call it, but their modes of communication are soooo different…  You must recall that Zordak has taken classes in communicating with our species and much—much—is lost in translation—as much as if we were trying to explain the workings of a computer to a primitive tribesman in New Guinea. So that is not their actual name, and this isn’t actually how they look but in another dimension, another world, realm, the human mind could not begin to conceive how they are. So this will have to do.

So one (time unit) they said, (rough translation) “hey, let’s put on a show.” (You know, the way Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland said in those early 1940s movies?) So they did, and this is a snapshot (again translated into two-dimensions) of that show: 


Well, they thought it was great fun. And I think the moral of this is to realize that in other dimensions the underlying principle of having fun still applies as a core element in not just our own three-dimensional space, matter, and forward-marching time cosmos, but in other realities also!

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