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The Universe Next Door

Originally posted on January 20, 2018

Well, not exactly. One dimension over, sort of up and to the right, not that directions mean much in a cosmos of multiple dimensions. Nor is it one,  but infinite in numbers—but we’ll start with one.

What? You thought this was the only reality??  Okay, that’s where you are. But for me and my kind of people (and maybe some of you out there are my kind of people), of Sleepy smile course there are other dimensions. You visit them in your dreams. Anyway, I have several books of drawings of the worlds of these folks, as well as other stuff.

My mandalas hint at them. People there generally don’t look like people you know. Some look like elves and fairies. To make a bridge, some of them can cross through, using “their” mandalas. They do want to help us connect. It’s a whole wider universe out there, and also next door. Space-time is very vast, but dimen-sionality extends it much, much further!

More about these realms in the category called “the World of Almost-Real.” Here is where you get to say, “Adam’s lost it.”  All right, think of this a “just” science fiction, or some combination with Fantasy. Lots of people like this literature, and some sorta kinda live there. And they’re not crazy. Well, some are, but they can’t operate successfully in two worlds at the same time. All it takes is a bit of balance.

Open, some of you for whom it’s not “too much,” to there being other worlds, other realms, other universes that stretch your minds. (They do much, much more than that, of course, but one of the things they do at first is stretch your minds. That’s why they point to their temple (notice the double meaning there) and say “tetched.”)

Anyway, at your own pace we’ll introduce you to some ambassadors who speak your language, even if only with an accent. Then gradually we’ll show you around, introduce you to some really nice people, and some not-so-nice, but harmless.

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