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The World of Almost-Real

Originally posted on July 24, 2013

This is a fictional alternative dimension where I “live,” as do many cartoonists, novelists, and others who make up alternative realities. I “become” various characters, and enjoy the fiction that “they” are real and have chosen to “channel” through me. It is thus not me who writes some of these more far-out posts, it is one of them.

For all practical purposes, it might as well be “them,” or if I identify with that source and act as if I’m just the guy who takes dictation, the amanuensis, the channel, they are really the authors and the inspiration for the cartoons and diagrams.

However, please, do NOT take this seriously. Those who dabble in fiction that dares to conflict in the slightest with mainstream belief systems are considered dangerous by those who feel self-important in being self-appointed as guardians of their version of the truth—which they believe should be considered true for all of the rest of us. That is to say, they are the remnants of people who violently persecuted “heretics”—and these have operated not only in the past, in Europe, but also even today in many parts of the world. So back off, I’m just playing. None of this is to be taken seriously.

That said, those who are less up-tight and realize that we’re entering a time of re-myth-ification might enjoy these ventures into alternative ways of looking at reality.

My wife suggests that I allow the separate sub-forms of “who’s talking” to be the main speakers for various blog entries. Maybe. I’m not sure who they are. But, I’ll introduce them anyway, and tell you more about them on this blog or a related blog.

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